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I work with coaches on a 1:1 and group basis and provide coaching supervision to organisations looking to quality assure and develop their coaches.

What is Coaching Supervision?
Coaching supervision is a process of reflecting on coaching practice to learn, grow and develop as a coach. It provides a safe, protected space where coaches can step back, take stock and sense-check practice with a trusted professional.

What can you work on in Coaching Supervision?
Coaching supervision provides a space to address areas of challenge and development in coaching practice. These could include:

  • Challenges with particular clients.
  • Issues around confidence.
  • Skills development.
  • Dealing with feedback.
  • How to contract effectively with clients.
  • How to conclude a coaching relationship.
  • Conflicts of interest.
  • Professional boundary issues.
  • Loss of motivation or energy with coaching work.
  • Coach wellbeing.

My supervision methodology
I am trained to use the seven-eyed model of supervision which is based on a systemic view of coaching practice.

I also work with a range of other tools and approaches which might include values and strengths, systemic coaching constellations, action learning sets (in group supervision), brainstorming and the use of cards, objects and metaphors.

My supervision style
My supervision style has been described as quietly assertive, calm and authoritative, challenging and supportive. I see my role as being there to support coaches to develop and to ensure safe and ethical practice.

I listen, I offer powerful questions, reflections and feedback. I also challenge where that seems helpful or at times essential if there is any risk of unethical practice. I aim to offer my presence from a perspective of possibility and compassion. I am committed to supporting the development of coaches for the benefit of clients, organisations and the coaching profession as a whole.

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Group Supervision

Olivia Graham – Executive Coach / Business Psychologist

“With her warm empathetic manner Hazel creates a safe environment in which to share. Her supervision style is unobtrusive and yet totally in control, guiding the process and realigning where necessary. Personally, not only do I learn from my and others’ experience and Hazel’s perceptive insights, but also from her style which I’d love to emulate!”

Jane Simmonds, Executive Coach

“Hazel’s gentle but highly professional manner is very encouraging for reflection, candour and discussion. She is warm and fair towards all participants, creating an environment of non-judgmental sharing that is at times illuminating and always constructive.”

Sue Causton, Management Coach & Mentor

“Hazel is able to generate a safe space for ‘creative reflection’; dealing with both the emotional and practical challenges that coaches face in their practice. I highly value my supervision sessions with Hazel, coming away feeling supported but also challenged.”

Sarah Seymour, Coach

“I thoroughly enjoyed the group supervision sessions with Hazel and found it useful to hear other coaches’ issues as well as to share my own. Hazel created a very safe and open space and helped us all to not only share our challenges but also support each other in finding potential solutions or reframing our situation. As a relatively new coach, it definitely helped boost my confidence and feel supported in my practice. I would definitely recommend Hazel if you are interested in group supervision!”

Jane Eames, Executive Coach

“I have experienced Hazel’s group supervision on two occasions and I learned a great deal through both sessions. On one occasion I brought an issue to the group which had landed with me just a few hours previously. Hazel sensed immediately how this was affecting me and invited me to share what was on my mind first so that I could be fully present with the group. She held a space that felt safe for me to open up to my peers which, as a normally private person, was hugely important to me. Her calm questioning, and facilitation of further exploration with the group, enabled a shift in my thinking which has stayed with me since.”

1-1 Supervision

Sharon Morse, Executive Coach

“Hazel helped me to build confidence in my coaching and develop my skills. Hazel’s calm and focused approach gave me time to think and her powerful questioning helped me to gain new perspectives on scenarios and take fresh insights into my coaching. I really appreciated Hazel’s supervision and came away from each session energised and ready to put new ideas into practice. Thanks very much Hazel for your support and guidance.”

Rose Johnson, REM Partnership, London

“Hazel has been a very clear and supportive supervisor. She has given me the space to reflect appropriately on my practice, modelling as necessary, approaches which have helped me to strengthen my work. She has a gentle, professional approach.”

Amanda Maclean, Christchurch Canterbury University

“I have found supervision sessions with Hazel enormously beneficial. She has given me the space to explore and test out issues with exactly the right balance between challenge and support. Thank you!”

Julie Horne MCC, Cambridge Uk

“Working with Hazel has been an absolute pleasure. She has a very professional and calming presence and is able to offer feedback and generate insights which I found very helpful and reassuring in developing my practice”

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