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“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct.”
— Carl Jung

Lumination is a highly interactive coaching and development tool. Designed as a board game, it may be played with between 2 – 6 players and can be facilitated or used as a standalone game. It may also be used as a tool for one to one coaching.

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Each player begins Lumination by identifying a question they have about life, work or career. On throwing the dice players move their counter around the Lumination board. The game works through coaching style questions and interaction between players, which are prompted by cards selected during play. Insights and actions are shared throughout the game.

Unlike most games Lumination is not about winning or losing. Each player addresses their own question as part of a shared learning experience.

Who can play?

Anyone who wants to gain clarity on an individual issue, much as someone would bring an issue to a coaching session or action learning set.

If you are a coach, coach trainer or L&D specialist, you can use Lumination to generate a rich learning experience for your clients, trainees or staff. Lumination is ideal for team away days and to support the development of coaching skills as part of coach training, accreditation and supervision.

It can also be used as an experiential introduction to coaching and as a tool for ongoing coaching support.

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Lumination is available for purchase and you can choose from a range of workshops to experience. Lumination in action or to learn how to facilitate it.

Lumination sessions available:

Team development:
Facilitated half or full day Lumination sessions for a unique, bespoke coaching and development experience.

Open sessions:
For individuals who want to experience Lumination in a small group setting.

Coach facilitation training:
For coaches who want to include Lumination in their coaching toolkit.

In-house coach facilitation training:
Lumination training session for in-house coaches, L&D specialists and facilitators.

One to one coaching:
Bespoke Lumination coaching sessions.

Other options available on request.

Complete the contact form to find out more about Lumination, Lumination sessions and how to buy a copy.

Purchase price £225 (Discounts available for multiple copies and for coaches attending the Lumination for Coaches Workshop).Terms and conditions apply

Check the Events page to find out about other opportunities to experience Lumination first hand.

MD, London

“A powerful enquiry into my current challenges – it gave me a clear way forward and a sound and lasting insight.”

Nick Cromwell, Director, Nick Cromwell Coaching

“Lumination works on a deep level but it’s not complicated.”

Amanda Maclean, Director, The Development Partnership

“An excellent session – enjoyable and insightful. Both personally but also in how we can use this with our Associates.”

Owner, Jane Miller Coaching

“I’m really looking forward to using this with my clients. I’ve found it very powerful for my own thinking and decision making.”

Louise Beckett, Speak Out Coaching

“You are named and thanked often in Isle of Man! The Lumination Game is an amazing coaching tool and I’m very grateful every time I use it.”

Kish Modasia, Leadership Coach

“A fun game that can give you great clarity and a set of actions! You will be amazed at what you learn.”

Workshop facilitators

““Lumination was just what was needed to introduce the team to coaching in a fun, yet incredibly valuable way.”
“Lumination was extremely useful, very open-minded and different”
“Lumination makes it easy for individuals to reflect, discuss and make a shift on any issue, the situation they are currently facing.”
“The safest space that I have worked in with a process that was gentle and an adventure, with huge clarity evolving”
“It’s a fantastic tool – I can see so many opportunities to put it to good and effective use.”
“Insightful, fun, brilliant!””

Workshop participants

“An excellent resource!”
“Fun, illuminating, meaningful.”
“Thought-provoking and good fun.”
“Enjoyed the game, fun way of getting insight from peers.”
“Game was extremely useful, very open-minded and different.”
“Has given me new insights and (importantly) steps to move forward.”

Dorothy Larios, Executive Coach

“I found great depth and coaching knowledge had gone into the development of the Lumination game. I was especially interested to see how useful this tool would be in Coach Supervision and I was very pleased to experience the richness of discovery for both myself and other group members. Lumination would indeed be applicable to both coach training and coach supervision.”

Jean Crawford, Mango Consultant

“The group of high potential young managers who had just had an intro to experience and practise coaching basics loved Lumination. Feedback included comments like how thought provoking the questions were and how relevant to many things they were as well as the sheer pleasure of the game, being supported by and supporting others whilst playing. They even suggested that in the days’s event more time be allocated to it.”

Brendan, Mediator

““I really enjoyed Hazel’s coaching; the “Lumination” Board Game was a tremendous resource and great fun to play. In a crucial aspect of my deliberations, Hazel’s work with me produced a remarkably unexpected outcome which now advises how I go forward, so totally justifying the commitment to undertake the coaching which Hazel offers. “Lumination” is a Board Game built on a brilliant concept of movement and play which encourages constructive thoughtfulness and provides fulsomely, as advertised, ‘what it says on the tin. “”

Coach, London

“Lumination is a fascinating and insightful board game that enables individuals and teams to engage with, and benefit from, the coaching process. A ‘must have’ resource for coaches!”

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